Acoustic Fire – EP (2010)

“Acoustic Fire” is the new EP from Kandace and it’s guaranteed to heat up not only the music scene, but also the listener’s musical soul. Kandace brings an organic, raw, vulnerable, and emotional flavor to this album. The acoustic rock and soulful sound is what gives this album its backbone.  Add a twist of world music, and your senses will be on a musical journey from the first to last note. “Acoustic Fire” is so hot that Kandace Lindsey is on the 2011 Grammy Ballot,  and was up for 2011 Grammy Awards nomination consideration.

1 Crazy Fire (3:48)
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2 Don’t Wanna Sleep Through It (4:30)
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3 Believe (4:52)
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4 Eyes of Desire (3:05)
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5 So Into You (4:32)
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6 I’ll Be Myself Again (4:36)
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