Saturday, August 11th 2012

NBA STAR BARON DAVIS HOSTS  12th ANNUAL RISING STARS OF AMERICA BASKETBALL CAMP.  KANDACE  will be performing at the 3rd Annual All- Star Celebrity Kickball Game at 1:00pm at the Jackie Robinson Stadium, home of the UCLA Bruins baseball team.

Produced by 10 Fold Entertainment, the friendly match between several of Davis’ celebrity and athlete friends will raise funds for the RSOA foundation, and will feature performances by collectiveUth, an organization that brings young dancers together with professional choreographers to inspire, educate and provide opportunities for youth across America through dance.

Participants in the game include: Matt Barnes (NBA-Los Angeles Lakers), DeMar DeRozan (NBA-Toronto Raptors), Donald Faison (Actor-The Exes), Ryan Hollins (NBA-Los Angeles Clippers), Chanel Iman (Model), Amir Johnson (NBA-Toronto Raptors), DeAndre Jordan (NBA-Los Angeles Clippers), Ben Lyons (Host-EXTRA and, Corey Maggette (NBA-Detroit Pistons), Terrell Owens (NFL), Jamie Lynn Sigler (Actress-The Sopranos), and J.R. Smith (NBA-New York Knicks), among many others.

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